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>> Monday, December 6, 2010

I was so happy last weekend when my new blog has passed the companies I’ve applied to. The earnings from my new blog would be dedicated to our new project for the house which is the duplex home project. I was reading some reviews for the top ten web host companies and their best features. Web host has done a lot to my blogs and now that I’m getting more familiar with hosting companies I learned about managed hosting service and noted the benefits of each kind. I know that I should know everything that link to blogging because it’s my life now and source of income for my family expenses. I’m learning and loving it.


Exchange of Phones

I’m happy that my BIL offered to give his wifi mobile phone to me and I’ll just buy him a phone with radio as he really needed it on his work. A month ago I was decided to save money for HTC windows phone but lately I told myself that I don’t really need it for now so the plan was put to shelves. It’s not the htc desire 2.2 that I’ve been saving for but if someone will give me I would be happy too.
The phone is actually not just a simple wifi phone as it can open up my blogs fast and I hope that wherever I go I’ll be able to post some little entries on my blogs. For now I’m thankful that some people around me are thinking of what they can do to help me in my work. They just don’t know that I’m super touched by their ways and thoughts.


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