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>> Tuesday, November 1, 2011

When we were just a start-up company we didn’t want to hire some staff that we need only for a certain job and for a certain time for budget purposes. Since any company would need some things that only IT experts and specialists can do we need to hire their services for a given contract period only. We actually need a web development service then because we want to start with a good web site for our telecoms company. My former boss built his telecommunications company when I was in his consultancy firm and while I was in his other company I’m also involved in his newly started business. The business was so promising and since he wants someone to monitor and administer it he asked me to transfer so I could look into the business more closely. It was a diversion from my current job and it required me to study finance and human resource as well.

As for the IT staff augmentation services that we need he has some resources just like Modis which provides the best IT talent and resources for specific needs of any business you have. They offer IT staffing, consulting and recruitments services of temporary professionals that can help your own company’s team goals and requirements. They have a cadre of over 1 million candidates that you can choose from and they can assure you that all IT staff they provide has undergone screening and necessary examinations to give their clients the best service ever. Their services include web development; systems analysis; business analysis; network engineering and administration; technical writing; data base design; development and administration and a lot more IT services.


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