Two Birthdays and Thankgiving

>> Thursday, August 20, 2009

In time for Ruth's birthday last Tuesday and my sister' birthday yesterday we prepared a quite simple celebration for them in our church yesterday. We're going to be the host family for next week's bible study but we exchanged it so we can combine my two loved ones' birthday in our bible study. It's more of a thanksgiving occasion and we're happy that it falls exactly on a Wednesday.

Ruth and Redge used to set a date for them every year because they love having their dates of birthday in a row. When I was still pregnant Redge was hoping that I'll give birth to my first baby on her birthday but Ruth came out few hours before the date :-) I prepared and cooked the all-time favorite spaghetti, barbeque and brownies which were served after the bible study. We thanked God for the bountiful blessings bestowed upon us and we return them with gratitude through this thanksgiving.


My Renovation Projects

Staying in the house most of the time leads me to discover what’s needed in the house. When I was still working in an 8-hour job I can’t really monitor the status of the house if there are certain areas where we badly need renovations or repairs. Now I can see what my Mom was always telling me, she was always saying that if I’m one who stays in the house the whole day I’ll get to see that some areas need to be prioritized. Well there are lots to be repaired and replaced but for our budget we'll have to check the immediate ones and the budget needed. In these days you can’t just start a construction without studying and analyzing your finances or else your project will not be able to finish. Hubby let me do all the budgeting.

As I can see now we have to start with our gate and fences which was shelved when my Mom was operated last summer. Then we should be dealing with our old bathrooms which we've already started also this summer. We’ve started the first phase outside the house and now we’re into the second phase which includes the bathroom interior. I’ve found some stock clearance sale online at and found one nice furniture that would really fit in our bathroom.We’ve already saved enough for these two projects and we’ve only to wait for my brother’s list of estimated expenses before starting up. Hope we can finish it all in one month as we have some more projects to line up.


:Thursday Challenge - Curved (Roads)

"CURVED" (Roads, Buildings, Shapes, Bowed, Arch, Bubbles,...)

This is the curved roads of Laguna. We're on our way here from our house to our hometown in Laguna to visit our cousins and relatives there. This road is near the top of the mountain where Rizal and Laguna province separates or what we call the boundary. This place has an expanse of long curving roads because the mountain sides was constructed merely to be able to cross the mountain in reaching Laguna from Manila. Way back when we were kids there were no road signs and no metal fences around so travel is very dangerous, a bus actually almost dropped down the cliff.

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Big Bro's Pickup

Big brother dropped by yesterday and we had a noisy lunch as we’re complete yesterday in time for my sister’s birthday. It’s not everyday that we all have free time to be with each other because of our work and families but yesterday we had a talk about almost everything that concerns us three siblings. We also discussed the needed fence construction and some inner renovations; all these things are my brother’s concerns as he’s the engineer of the family. He showed us his newly acquired second hand pickup which he will use for his construction projects and for some run errands. We earlier advised him not use his other car for construction and as soon as he found a car suited for his projects he immediately bought it. He has already registered the vehicle and we reminded him to get the car insurance papers he has applied last week. He searched for the best car insurance that’s affordable for his budget because he really needs it for safety purposes as his pickup will also be used in long distance travel.

Well you can try looking for yourself online as you’ll find the answers there like a car insurance that defines affordable rates. You’ll be amazed that you can get your quotes easy and quick. We should always think of the best way that we can extend our finances like getting the best deals in everything that we purchased and in services that we asked for. Nowadays we must be smart and wise in spending our money to get through this current economic crisis.


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