Xbox 360

>> Monday, June 29, 2009

I’m not so keen on playing online games because I spent my time reading books and online studying. I prefer surfing different sites than spending my time gaming. But with my kids of course they love games so much even if I only allow them only on weekends because I can monitor them what kind of games they played. They’re contented enough to surf games over the net because they’re still young but when I asked my teenager nephew he wants XBox because he can play games, compete with other players online and enjoy multi-media.

I browsed through sites which offered Xbox 360 and found out that there are consoles and accessories aside from the games that they sell. Now upon checking available games my nephew decided on racing games just like my choice. Anyway there’s a lot to choose from and you can pick by piece or buy a bundle which for me is a good deal. One good thing is it’s not just games and songs but you can also watch HD TV shows and movies. That’s a lot for a good deal price.


Your Blog Makes Us Smile

>> Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cecile of Small and Simple Things gave this very sweet award to me and I appreciate her thoughtfulness. She's not only sweet but has a smiling heart that even if I just came to know her online I know that she always have a ready smile for every one. Her sites always bring a smile in my heart when I see and read how she lovingly cares for her family. Cecile thanks again for this award and for your friendship with me and my sis!

Now I would like to pass this to Tita Bheng, Lainy, JennyL, Emzkie, Tere, AnaPS, Vicy and Jia!


: Food Friday - Kare-Kare

>> Friday, June 26, 2009

This is my Mom's favorite recipe 'Kare-kare' which my old work friends brought on my Mom's birthday. Instead of bringing cake they chose to bring this because I told them she's not fond of sweets. It's also my specialty but since I'm too busy with other preparations on her May birthday I opted to assign this to my friends - clever huh :-) With this they used the 'twalya' instead of my recipe which uses pork hind and some lean meat. We love kare-kare in our house because it has everything in it, vegetables,, pork and a very yummy peanut sauce. How about you?

Happy Food Friday to all, see other delicious food here!


Rare Coins

>> Wednesday, June 24, 2009

With the present economy we have now people are getting wiser with their finances. As permanent employment becomes unstable these days we can’t rely on our present work to sustain our family’s daily needs. With the massive layoff and termination people tend to invest on safer grounds.

Some find it safe to invest on lots, houses, jewelries but others discovered investing on high-quality rare coin. Monex made it possible for anyone to invest online on precious metals such as rare coins, silver, gold and platinum bullion coins. These metals appreciate value over the years and investing on it will give you a sure good profit after several years. Why invest on something that’s not stable when you can be assured on a safe investment.


I ♥ Faces-Let's Hear It For The Boys (Kids)

>> Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This is my favorite boy simply because he's my one and only Josh. I have two equally favorite daughters :-). Josh was only a year and a half here and he keeps on pointing at me to take his photo he doesn't want any other to shoot a picture of him. Of course he's comfortable with me taking his photos. I just love his eyes and smile here, a captured innocence of baby! It's a good thing I have many pictures of him since he was just a baby because when he grows old it will be easy to remember his baby face with my photo collection.

View more cute faces of boys at I ♥ Faces.


My Discipline Style

I happen to came across this quiz through my friend Cecile and took this one, here's the result (we're the same):

You're a Moderate Mom

You pay attention to the parenting books -- and you cut your kids some much-needed slack when necessary. Here are some ways to encourage even better behavior. 1. Let them help. Little kids are more likely to be cooperative when they feel as if they're part of the game. If your toddler is underfoot while you're preparing dinner, have him fold some napkins and place them on the table. 2. Foster empathy. A child who understands that others have feelings similar to his own will learn to treat people the way he wants to be treated. If a sibling has a cold, you could say, "Emily feels bad because she has a cold. What can we do to make her feel better?" 3. Be kind. Kids copy everything you do, and they want to be just like you. Small acts of kindness -- an extra smile for the mailman, or holding the door for someone -- will inspire your child to do the same. This quiz is for entertainment and/or educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your pediatrician or family doctor. Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your or your child's condition.

I took this test from American, try this here!


POS Systems

>> Monday, June 22, 2009

Running a large scale business or even just an average grocery store takes a lot of perseverance, effort and finances. The owner should have feasibility studies first before starting a business to carefully planned and gauge the advantages and disadvantages of many things concerning your own business. After all whatever happens it’s your money which is at stake. Feasibility studies should include the location, products or services, prospect clients and number of staff you’ll be getting.

In a simple grocery store you should know how to minimize the employment of staff by getting modern technology equipment to help you with. I’ve known a friend who started his business with minimum staff hired but he invested in a computerized POS systems to take care of the things needed to keep his business running in good condition. Of course these things include generation of purchase orders, sales tracking and inventory. He told me that he doesn’t have to hire many employees to maintain the upkeep of his business as his equipment minimizes mistakes and provided him with quick and dependable checking out. Good for him to have that kind of investment.


Happy Father's Day

>> Sunday, June 21, 2009

To all fathers out there who devoted their time to their children and wife with lots of love and dedicated their life to their family with dignity and respect I salute you. As my father passed away already for more than ten years now I was just as happy to remember all the love and caring he showed us especially to me whom he always referred to as his junior even if I'm a girl. I cannot remember a time that he's not proud of me and my siblings. For him we're the best even if at times we had our flaws and mistakes along the way. We love you Tatay!


: Food Friday - Milkfish in Miso

>> Friday, June 19, 2009

Though it's one of my favorite dishes it's my first time to cook Bangus in Sinigang sa Miso. My Mom used to cook this one but since she's relaxing in her life and leave the cooking to me I tried doing this one of her. My Mom always wants to eat fish and vegetable so everyday I thought of a dish that would suit her. She told me that she has a slight headache and her taste bud doesn’t want anything to eat but when I cooked this one of her she ate with gusto. Cooking is always a pleasure when you satisfy your family.

Happy Food Friday to all, see other delicious food here!


Free Credit Report

>> Thursday, June 18, 2009

All people want a good reputable name in their lives. For many dignified people it’s not important if they are not rich as long as their names are credible enough to earn respect. Sometimes even if we don’t have credit cards, loan balance and credits our records will be tainted because of identity thieves who will make your name suffer from bad record. From time to time it’s safer to have freecreditreport to verify if your records are accurate and not been hacked by identity thieves. It’s actually a good precautionary measure.

Identity theft is very rampant now in more ways that we can imagine. They can hack your personal documents, accounts, information and many other confidential things. If you’ve been attacked by hackers it felt like they rob you of your personal things. It might also give your name a bad credit reputation if they use your account in applying for loans. It’s always safer to check your credit report more often than be sorry if anything happened. Credit report is the reference report which lenders and banks look up to verify the person’s credit history, it’s where they can see if you’re a good or a bad creditor.

There are many kinds of credit report and one of these are the Credit Nexus 3-in-1 credit report where you can see your credit history and information from the three major credit reporting agencies. This wills surely you help you in monitoring your credit where you can easily see if there are discrepancies stated or you have loan balances. Always remember that our loan applications for house, car and any other things needed will depend on our credit score so it’s time for us to get our own credit report now.


I ♥ Faces - Sepia Toned

>> Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is one of my favorite pic of Gen, my second child whom they always refer as my look-alike when I was a kid. If you've known me when I was a kid and you'll see her now no doubt you'll agree. We have the same height, body, boyish manners and ways, sense of humor and many says the looks.

I must admit though that she's a lot prettier than me because she got half of her looks to her father, she got her dimples from my mother-in-law and her complexion from my mom. All blended into my little princess Gengen!

View more sepia-toned faces at I ♥ Faces.


:WS - They Love Music!

>> Monday, June 15, 2009

Everytime my kids visit my big brother's house they always sit on the piano and play as if they know how to play it. Here's Ruth and Josh posing for me to have them pictured at the piano. They love it.

This piano was my father's piano way back 1945 which kuya restored and have it tuned to perfect condition. His three children are studying piano and they're very keen on playing it especially my eldest nephew Raph who knows at least 5 musical instruments. It's in my mom's blood and our children inherited that flair for music. My grandpa used to play alpha and some instruments on his prime.

See other weekend snapshots here!


Causes of Mesothelioma

From what I remember from my childhood there’s a lot of industries that uses asbestos which they commonly called as a miracle mineral. Why this mineral was referred to as a miracle? Asbestos when it was discovered was found to have many wonderful uses in workplaces, buildings, residential houses and industries. I know it as a means of diminishing the heat that’s why it was commonly used in ceilings. In this part of the world that’s a big help for us and it would minimize the use or airconditioner.

But the intelligence of man sometimes gives human being a hazard to their fellow because this miracle mineral was found to be a major hazard to human health. If a man inhaled this or was exposed to asbestos he’ll likely to have mesothelioma and lung cancer. Victims of this sickness were those people who worked in industries where exposure to asbestos particles happened. I also read that firemen who come to the rescue of a burning building with asbestos were at risk with mesothelioma. With this in my mind I was glad to know and was relieved that asbestos was already banned for usage. I just hope that those victims get help from the industries they’ve worked for.


:Food Friday - Pickled Tulingan

>> Friday, June 12, 2009

Here you can see our version of pickled fish, in this recipe we chose tulingan fish because this kind has lots of meat. It's actually my cousin's recipe, she's also the one who cooked the ube maja I featured last week.

If you're interested to try this one here's the ingredients: Tulingan or any kind of fish you want, cooking oil, minced garlic & onion, tomatoes, pickle relish, raisins, salt, pepper and MSG (optional).

It's easy to cook this one just put salt into your chosen fish and mix with all of the ingredients mentioned above and fry the whole mixture into cooking oil, be sure your oil covers at least half of the mixture in your pan. Since fish is easy to cook please put on moderate heat only. When the fish is tender enough and all of the ingredients have blended well put off the fire and serve. If you have questions about this recipe just email me :-)

Happy Food Friday to all, enjoy your weekend with other delicious food here!


Get Back In Shape!

>> Thursday, June 11, 2009

Managing a household is a hard and time-consuming task; it involves patience and a lot of perseverance that’s why most families especially those in the middle class level hire someone who will take of the household and the staff. But for those average earning couples they just take it on their shoulders whatever task there is on their household because they can’t afford to hire someone.

As for my family I take care of all tasks involved in our household even if I’m also working fulltime in an office. I’m lucky that the system in my body is capable of handling it all. Some even say that all those hard works and pressure in my job didn’t affect my health as I look very well outside. Actually with all those works I’m doing right now I’m gaining pounds and I’m beginning to look at those best diet pills that my friends are telling me. On second thought I think I should come back on my old carefully planned diet where my meal consists mainly of fish and vegetables. With this meal plan, my walking exercise and a lot of self discipline I think I’ll be able to get back in shape. Wishes!


:WW - By The River

>> Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The moment I saw this river I started to remember my childhood days in Famy, Laguna where we used to play in the river with stones like these. You can never forget the beauty of the river in the province, the calming effects of the water flowing through the sides along the stones lined up to border the water.

This picture was taken in one of the towns in Mindoro where the rivers remain unchanged and untouched by modern technology. The water here is still fresh and pure.

Happy WW though I'm not wordless as always! View more entries -> here.


Just Love Furniture Stores!

>> Monday, June 8, 2009

I’ve always loved looking at nice furniture and finding the right and appropriate one for our house. Having attractive and cozy furniture adds warmth and beauty to our home so we must be careful in choosing the ones that would compliment it best.

My husband is working for several years in a furniture and appliance company and he knows how to deal with it with regards to quality and real prices. He also love furniture and whenever we have extra time we peeked in to one of their branches and see for ourselves what the latest deals and discounts available on our chosen products. Everybody wants discounts and we’re not different from them. Sometimes I search online for discount furniture stores and believe me there are lots of things you can find with the best prices that you’ll love especially with sofas and dining sets. Just love shopping for them!


Fave Blogs Award

I would like to thank, Cecile of Kitchen... The Heart Of Our Home for the thoughtfulness of sharing me this award. Appreciate your thoughts as always! Thanks Cecile you're such a dear!

~~Begin Copy~

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My Crossroads

I would like to pass this award to the following friends/blogger:
Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts, JennyL of Jenny Talks, Lisa of Lisgold, Lainy of Lainy's Musings, and Mira of Random Thoughts, and all bloggers on my blogslist. Grab it guys and enjoy!

~~End Copy~~


Debt Elimination Help

>> Sunday, June 7, 2009

Managing your money wisely will help your family live a better life. Better because mismanagement will cause you to acquire loans and debts. Sometimes in our lives we need to get loans to acquire properties such as house, lot, cars and many other valuable things. Others apply for loans to gain capital to start their desired business. Whatever it is just make sure that before you commit yourself to loans you must be aware and informed of the lowest interest rates. In doing these you’ll minimize the chance of spending most of your money on the interest only.

People who blindly entered high interest rates of loans are also the ones who after a long period of time tend to have bad credits. Having bad credit reputation is so bad and you must do something or find professional experts to help you in your quest for debt elimination. There are a lot of debt consolidation company who help people consolidate their debt so they can pay all their multiple loans in just one big loan. They even gave tips and advices on managing your money like the 15 financial tips of Dave Ramsey's advice. There’s no need to stressed yourself and think of paying multiple bills monthly as the consolidators will help you get one big loan to cover all of your loans.

If you’re really interested with debt elimination and consolidation you should also be informed of debtor's rights to help you know the boundaries of what you’re allowed as debtor. Sometimes knowing your rights lead you to a much better decision in life.


Photohunt : Advertisement

Know why I have this one for my entry? If you've been to the whole 15th avenue these days the whole street is filled with these Eight O'clock promo banners. It's all over the place and only the blinds will not see it lol! Anyway this one was taken across our church, just took some snapshots after our service.

Everywhere you can hear and see about juices with Iced Tea flavor, people I think are becoming addicted to Iced Tea drinks. Well this one offers Immuno Active Eight O'clock Iced Tea in Sulit Trio packs and I'm sure this advertisement will hit the public, people tend to try new flavors and promotional offers.

For more photos of advertisements just visit


Detoxify Your Body

>> Saturday, June 6, 2009

With the current influx of various cancer diseases people are getting conscious of their health. Many are thinking of living a healthier life that’s free from cancer-causing agents. As a frequent internet user I’ve received emails spreading advices, tips and guidelines to a healthier body which includes having the right exercise and proper meal intake.

If you’re patient enough to follow their suggested regimen you could be on your way to a really healthy body. But it’s not all that we need because due to our past eating habits our body needs to detoxify with the best colon cleansing products that’s available in the market. I know it’s hard to determine the best but if you really spend some time to search and read reviews it will help you find for yourself which product can help you attain your desired colon cleanser.

My folks told me when I was young that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure so getting the best product to detoxify our body and free it from harmful toxins is sure to lead us to a healthy body and mind.


:Food Friday - Ube Maja

>> Friday, June 5, 2009

This yummy looking rice cake is actually a combination of maja, ube and rice cooked together to get this kind of Ube Maja. My cousin cooked this one in Laguna for my Mom's birthday, it's one of her experiments :-) it tastes good and different from the usual rice cakes that we have here in Cainta. Of course it tastes even better with the toppings on the top.

Happy Food Friday to all, enjoy your weekend! See other yummy food here!


Top Droppers for May

>> Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thanks guys for patiently dropping your ECs here and for visiting my blog. I just want to extend my appreciation to my top droppers last Month and to Liza for making her three blogs A Simple Life, Mommy's Little Corner and moms......check nyo to the top.

Dropper # of drops
The Modern Mom 30
A Simple Life 30
Mommy's Little Corner 30
moms..... check nyo 30
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Wii Mommies 28
Family Health Avenue 27
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Grampy and You! 27


Free Your Face From Acne

>> Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Having beautiful skin takes a lot of caring and maintaining. But what is the true essence of beautiful skin? For me it’s having a glowing skin that’s free of blemishes and acne. Sometimes like the teenagers we passes by the age of puberty where skin imperfections start to show up in the face. The baby skin that once was carefully cared for suddenly develops pimples, scars, acne and other skin problems.

This is the most common problems among teenagers and they have to be informed of the best acne treatments to keep their face from developing scars that will remain in their face forever. My cousin suffered from this kind of skin disorder when she was in secondary school until college and from what I remembered she always consult her dermatologist. She was given medicine for her dilemma but when she stopped consultation her acne returns. When she reached the age of middle twenties the acne suddenly stopped but it left her some acne scars.

We should really be attended by skin experts the soonest possible time before our acne spread around our face. There are several ways of preventing this, actually with the latest trends in technology now you can browse sites that will answer your queries. I’ve browsed myself to one of the best sites that can offer me information and I was lucky enough to read the top 5 treatments for acne problems aside from washing your face always. Keeping your face clean at all times is still the best remedy.


I ♥ Faces - Happy Birthday! Kids

>> Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This is my niece Mitch, my big brother's 3rd child when she celebrated her 7th birthday in one of the children's favorite fastfood here in the Philippines - in Jollibee. I took a snapshot of her with her granny (my mom). I just love their smile here, they look good together! Btw this picture was taken 3 years ago and Mitch has now grown very fast. Just want to reminisce her innocent smile here because when kids grew up they changed a lot.

View more faces at their best shots at I ♥ Faces.


Financial Freedom Awaits

Because of the ongoing crisis in economy here and abroad most people use credit cards to extend their purchase capabilities. If their salary is not enough to cover up expenses beyond the basic commodities they depend on credit cards and loans to sustain their budget. If they only knew that depending their budget on credits will eventually lead them to financial mismanagement I’m sure they won’t do it.

Temptations is very high on people doing these things and it doesn’t help them control their desire to spend more and outside their capacities. The only remedy for financial bankruptcy are debt consolidation companies which help people to regain their good credit reputation and consolidate various loans into one major loan.

One good thing is that there are companies now who grant loans by means of various programs of the government with the main purpose of helping people with bad debts. One solution that’s really helpful are government debt consolidation loans which consolidates multiple loans from various lending companies into just one single loan with an interest rate that’s very affordable.

Those people with high percentage of debt in their hands can also file for bankruptcy if they opt to do it than hiring debt consolidators. The person who needs this must first know how does bankruptcy work for them to weigh things up more clearly because this filing can put danger in your property. This way one must sell properties to pay off volumes of debts before entering a payment program. So if you’re ready to face the challenges of what life has to offer financial freedom awaits you!


EC Promo For Today

>> Monday, June 1, 2009

There's something good about EC just for today. Just a little twist to the ordinary ec dropping and credits. Well entrecard is giving and crediting 2 points for every drop that you'll make today. Wow your credits will double but the other side of the story is the receiving site or blog won't earn any credit. This is a on-eday offer only so grab it! Drop it like rain!


:WS - Mom's 77th Birthday!

Mom celebrated her 77th birthday last Saturday the 30th of this month. It's her happiest birthday to date as the gift she has received from God surpassed all material gifts. God has given her another chance to see the beautiful creations of God. She's even happier when our close relatives went all the way from Laguna to greet Mom! They brought many foods you'll think they're the host :-) Actually we didn't invite anyone but we cooked spaghetti, afritada, barbeque and lots of dessert. All of our guests brought some kind of food like maja mais, kare-kare and many more.


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