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>> Thursday, June 11, 2009

Managing a household is a hard and time-consuming task; it involves patience and a lot of perseverance that’s why most families especially those in the middle class level hire someone who will take of the household and the staff. But for those average earning couples they just take it on their shoulders whatever task there is on their household because they can’t afford to hire someone.

As for my family I take care of all tasks involved in our household even if I’m also working fulltime in an office. I’m lucky that the system in my body is capable of handling it all. Some even say that all those hard works and pressure in my job didn’t affect my health as I look very well outside. Actually with all those works I’m doing right now I’m gaining pounds and I’m beginning to look at those best diet pills that my friends are telling me. On second thought I think I should come back on my old carefully planned diet where my meal consists mainly of fish and vegetables. With this meal plan, my walking exercise and a lot of self discipline I think I’ll be able to get back in shape. Wishes!


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