My Mom's Birthday

>> Saturday, May 31, 2008

It’s my Mom’s birthday today and we decided to celebrate it in our house unlike last year’s celebration in Bosay resort in Antipolo. My Mom was very happy to see close friends’ faces specially Rina and kids to which she’s a sponsor on wedding. Half of her guests were children, mostly my brother’s kids and his in-laws’ children. Some were grandchildren of my Mom on her niece and nephews.

As always I’m the one who planned food and menu and cooked everything up. Redge and I took turns in entertaining and assisting guests letting dear Mom talked and chatted with her visitors.

Day turned perfectly good and we thanked God that my Mom is still healthy in body and mind, just a slight rheumatism, the sign of aging don’t you think! All the best wishes for my Mom whom we love so dearly.


BT&T Dinner

>> Friday, May 23, 2008

Every ADB-assigned staff and some of us in head office had a company dinner again in Pier One, the last one was in November last year. We were decreased by number again because last year all staff in head office were there but since they already had a company swimming in Pansol, Calamba, Laguna it was planned to be attended only by those who wasn't in that outing.

The ADB-PABX boys came first, they're the ones that maintains the PABX equipment in the whole Asian development Bank including the cabling, voice conferencing and all things pertaining connecting and ensuring that all local and international were smoothly transmitted and received. After half an hour the girls in Switchboard arrived and that completed the whole batch. Of course Sir Bob, Sir Bobby, Berry and Osang were there also. It was a nice dinner coupled with conversations between the management and the staff in ADB. I had a great time talking with the maintenance staff, the high-earner guys in BT&T who had been in ADB for more than 10 years changing their contractors but maintaining their employment there. The trusted men in ADB.

I've been working with them for six years now and I came to know their easy going manner and conversation. It's always easier handling male staff than female, though I've been close to some girls also. The night ended at around 10pm and we each had our own group when we left the place. I'm with Aris and Mang Rolly who lives in the same town.


Raph is 14 Now!

>> Monday, May 19, 2008

It’s my first-born nephew’s 14th birthday. Raphael Moses or Raprap got all our attention when he was born. He’s a very cute baby boy who resembles his mother more than his father (my brother). When I was still single my brother will bring Rap to our house and I’ll take care of him the whole day which he enjoys very much because I spoil him. As he grows older he always look upon me as someone who will give in always to what he wants – especially when it comes to his favorite foods, I can’t resist his requests. He’ll always ask me to cook leche flan for him with or without occasion. Whenever I visit their house he will rush to their store to gather all the ingredients and he’ll make me cook for him. Honestly I feel happy doing it for him and his siblings because it’s my way of showing my care and love for them.

Today he’s beginning to enter adolescence period we’re advising him always what he should be doing or how he should act like a young man. He has grown as a very tall young man and girls I their school has a crush on him but Rap is choosy. He also has his attention on music ministry and sports. He’s having piano lessons for a year now and he’s good on other instruments too like his father also. Music and arts runs in our family and Rap seems to get the skills in music without so much effort.


Remembering My First Week In DSI

>> Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is it I finally came to a decision to change my life, I’ll enter a new dimension in my life to leave my stable job which supported me and my family for over 15 years now and for which I’ve grown to be a different person that I myself didn’t know I am. I started as a project computer operator handling Batangas-Catanduanes Road and Bridges Projects and later chosen by the President to handle computer maintenance and to help in the making of bidding or technical proposal.

The job was new to me as my experience has only been with semi-conductor, transportation and construction industries where I practiced my electronics and computer education. It’s just one instance that I did some work for the boss and he was impressed (his words to my colleagues then) that I could do a lot of grammar revising on the curricula vitae of proposed staff. He was quoted as saying ‘my computer staff never did such a thing, they just type what was written not minding if it’s correct or not’, actually I thought at that time that he might get offended but I’m lucky that I passed his test. He asked my educational background, noted my degree and appointed me in the Technical Proposal Dept. After my first week in DSI I was given additional works. I took it as a challenge.


My Inspirations

>> Saturday, May 17, 2008

Every time I think of my loved ones I’m inspired to work. They add sunshine to my life and make my day beautiful. Next to God my family is my utmost priority and all that I’m doing is dedicated to them. I’m always inspired in whatever I do because of them. My hubby and my kids are one of the best gifts that God gave to me, they’re my precious treasures and I love them dearly.

Picture in Fun Ranch, Tiendesitas, Pasig City (Me, Ruth, Gen, Josh and Ed)


BT&T Company Outing

>> Friday, May 16, 2008

It's our company outing and my officemates chose to have some fun and enjoy swimming in one of the resorts in Pansol, Calamba, Laguna. Lirio and Flor had some searching and canvassing before they finally reserve in a resort in Calamba highway. It was reserved for a night swimming and all will go home on the next morning. I helped them plan on the menu and took some shots on them while we're having preparations but actually I will not go with them. Since I got married I stopped going out with friends on a night swimming or anything that will take me away from my kids because they will surely feel lonely without me at night. Anyway we have plenty of get-together/swimming in the church where I can enjoy the pool with my whole family so it's enough for me. Marriage and having kids really puts some sacrifices on the side, but it's all worth it!


Mother's Day For Two Moms

>> Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's our day dear Mommies all over the globe. I really want this day as days like this one things don't go the normal way. My eldest Ruth and hubby cooked breakfast and it's good to wake up without rushing up to cook for them, I love to cook but sometimes I'm so tired after a night's blogging.

Since it falls on Sunday we finished our fellowship service before we go somewhere to have dinner. Redge went home first to pickup Mom from our house and they've gone shopping in Robinsons metro east before we got there before 7pm. It was a dinner for two generation of mothers, my Mom and I which Redge always fondly calls 'The Super Moms'. Of course we were always flattered every time she speaks about it. We ate at Greenwich because it's the choice of my dear kids and we seniors always follows! Anyway we all want pizza, salad and pasta.

I received little gifts and some sweet notes from my kids and was thankful to God for having such a loving family. I have a doting mother, understanding and caring husband, thoughtful sister, very kind brother and lovable kids. What more can I ask for! And you know what? When you ask my Mom you'll be amazed that she'll answer you with the very same phrases. Like mother like daughter, really!!!


My Options and Reason

>> Saturday, May 10, 2008

It was a very nerve-shattering moment when my boss suddenly appeared in the office early in the morning last Wednesday, the day after I've sent my resignation letter. He never usually do that as he just report to office twice a week as his son is the managing person in the company. After the night that he received my letter of resignation and my mind was restless as to what his decision may be, I don't want him to feel bad about my letter because the main reason of my resignation is to take care of my family and my mom. I just felt that it's really time for my mom to take it easily, I mean on nurturing my kids.

I have offers from two companies to work for them but I really didn't find a niche in my heart to transfer to another job that would also take my time off my family. I reached the point in my life when I want to seriously take good care of my family and as my mom don't want to hire a helper the only solution is for me to give up my work and change my path of career from a working mom to a full-time mom and daughter. Thanks to my friend JennyL who introduced me to a part-time job that would require me to go back to my first love and fondest hobby - my writing.


I'm Leaving My Work

>> Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I've scribbled my letter of resignation to my boss but it took a whole day to reach him because I’ve asked one of my officemate to personally drop my letter to my employer’s house. I’m keeping it a little secret, except for my few close office friends who knows my decision early this year, as I don’t want anything and anyone to interfere with my decision. Have thought about this thing since January and planned to do it two months ago but when I learned that my boss would be going to a Carribean vacation cruise I’ve changed my first plan and decided to leave the company when he comes back. I want him to enjoy his month-long vacation. I know he’ll feel sad if I leave while he’s out of the country. After all I’ve grown to respect and care for him during my years of stay in his company.

Photo by Clipart


It's Matthew's Birthday

>> Monday, May 5, 2008

It’s Matthew’s 5th birthday, the fourth child of my brother. He is the same age as my Joshua and as active as him also. They’re inseparable when they see each other, active in playing and always laughing. Josh is more expressive than Mat. Mat do not easily get close to a person until a certain time but when he feels comfortable enough he’ll get closer. When you look at them playing you’ll think that Mat is a lot older than Josh because he’s so tall and big, he took after his parents’ height. He’s also intelligent and easily picks up information and very good in his studies.

They’ve decided not to make a fuss on his birthday and since they don’t really usually cook they just dined out in a mall and celebrated his birthday there unlike past years where he had a big birthday bash!


Our 12th Wedding Anniversary

>> Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another year has passed and now it’s our 12th wedding anniversary. Years pass by quickly and I’m happy that we’ve reached this 12th year still very much in love. I’ve never imagined that I could fall seriously in love with a guy younger than me, but with Ed who have enough maturity to handle relationship and family all my inhibitions about marrying someone your junior was diminished.

During our 12 years of marriage he kept us in the center of God’s love standing to his position as a loving husband, responsible father and a good minister of God. In the house we looked up to each other just like friends in love ‘coz we started out as close friend in our Christian community.

Again, as every year of our lives I always thank God for his wonderful blessing to us not on the material side but on giving me and my kids a wonderful hubby and father who loves and cares for us deeply. Since it falls on a Sunday we had our little celebration at the mall near the church and had our desserts and snack at McDonalds with my sis Redge.


My Crossroads

>> Saturday, May 3, 2008

Through the inspiration of my other blogs I came upon a decision that would change a big part of my life. A choice that will ultimately change my career, a turning point in my life where God is my adviser. There's a part of my life that needs a major decision and I was so happy that finally I've all the right answers to my prayers for which God is my guide. Whatever happens to me I know that God will always be my side, whatever it takes I'll forever be grateful. Hope I'll be an instrument in sharing God's beautiful creation and inspiring words.

Stand at the crossroads and look;
ask for the ancient paths,
ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
and you will find rest for your souls.........
Jeremiah 6:16


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