BT&T Dinner

>> Friday, May 23, 2008

Every ADB-assigned staff and some of us in head office had a company dinner again in Pier One, the last one was in November last year. We were decreased by number again because last year all staff in head office were there but since they already had a company swimming in Pansol, Calamba, Laguna it was planned to be attended only by those who wasn't in that outing.

The ADB-PABX boys came first, they're the ones that maintains the PABX equipment in the whole Asian development Bank including the cabling, voice conferencing and all things pertaining connecting and ensuring that all local and international were smoothly transmitted and received. After half an hour the girls in Switchboard arrived and that completed the whole batch. Of course Sir Bob, Sir Bobby, Berry and Osang were there also. It was a nice dinner coupled with conversations between the management and the staff in ADB. I had a great time talking with the maintenance staff, the high-earner guys in BT&T who had been in ADB for more than 10 years changing their contractors but maintaining their employment there. The trusted men in ADB.

I've been working with them for six years now and I came to know their easy going manner and conversation. It's always easier handling male staff than female, though I've been close to some girls also. The night ended at around 10pm and we each had our own group when we left the place. I'm with Aris and Mang Rolly who lives in the same town.


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