Work Amenities and Building Restrictions

>> Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our office is located in one of the corporate buildings in business district area and we were lucky to be near needed centers and amenities. When it comes to food we have a floor dedicated to serving the people with a fast food restaurant-like setup just like when you eat in the mall. Just outside the building you’ll see chains of fanous fast food restaurants side by side giving easy access when employees want to eat. 

Few meters away are big shopping centers and malls where you can buy anything you want for personal and office needs from supplies to furniture and appliances. When it comes to required government entities where offices should pay premium contributions we only need to travel for around 10 minutes so it’s less hassle when you’re trying to beat submission deadline including those of BIR and other government agencies. 

Our place of work is just the right for us especially that the building administration team is very accommodating with tenants and employees. Of course it’s strict when it comes to some rules like no parking at the front lobby and no smoking inside the premises. Those who want to have their cigars from Famous Smoke Shop would have to go outside of the side entrance to consume it because it’s not allowed anywhere inside the building. I always see them hanging out together smoking when I return from buying food at the fast food restaurants. They really can’t pass the chance to do it even if they’re busy at work.


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