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>> Friday, April 30, 2010

This is my first ever venture to cook a big tuna fish. My Mom' friend gave a one and a half feet size tuna fish and as I don't want my Mom to be tired in preparing this I took the courage to do it my way. Since I'm not so used to cooking this one I just did some simple steps to cook it. Here's what I did. I've cut the fish into slices and cook it in three phases:

First Phase : Have it boiled slightly in vinegar, garlic, pepper and salt to remove the bad odor or 'lansa'

Second Phase: I fried the slices after removing it in the vinegar boiled mixture

Third Phase: I made an adobo recipe out of it, I've put soy sauce, garlic, seasoning and drops of calamansi to give the lemony aroma and taste because tuna fish has some 'lansa' smell on it. Now you can see above the final menu which my son commented that it took me some time to cook our lunch. Well my effort paid off when they praised it. My Mom and kids loved it! It extended up to our dinner. Actually it taste like chicken to me lol!

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