Finding Your Dream Job and Career

>> Monday, June 29, 2015

Getting the best personnel to be employed in a company is not an easy task to do when you’re in recruitment or human resource department. It takes skills and expertise to be able to assess and pick the right person that will suit job requirements and qualification. This is the reason why companies commonly hires professionals with psychology and human resources background to do the screening and examinations in the best possible way they can. They usually have the expertise in knowing not just the applicant’s background and knowledge but their psychological condition as well. 

When employers are having problems with hiring the best personnel like  Biostatistician jobs or when they don’t have enough resource to do the job they will find it hard to run their business efficiently. We should remember that people is the company’s most important asset that’s why failure to hire the best employees will have bad effects on the performance of the business. It’s vital to have the best manpower resources to reach not just the company’s goal but to assure the success of the business also. 

Nowadays this should not be a problem anymore as there are companies that specialize in getting the best manpower for your business needs. They provide employment resource and tools to get the right and qualified personnel that have the education, experience and skills to do what the job requires of them. These employment resource companies can both help employers and job seekers as well. If you have the right degree and work experience that will qualify you for one of the jobs in those employment resource sites you can easily go to their sites and be part of their network. It’s your chance to find the right company, your dream job, your desired career and best opportunities in your life.


Dreams, Career and Music

>> Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Now that my two daughters are on their way to fulfilling their dreams and working their way into their desired careers I’m always by their side to support whenever they need my help. Of course their Dad is also hands-on on assisting them on their projects and providing whatever materials they need. Aside from academics we also try to give them training on learning to play various musical instruments which they love to do. 

All three of them have one or two instruments they love to study. Gen has the most number of musical instruments tried and we found her so gifted with playing. She has no professional studies on music but she plays skillfully with grace and passion. I guess it’s because of genes as my grandfather plays alpha and other string instruments so well. 

We love seeing them offer song in our church with Ruth and Josh singing while Gen playing keyboards or guitar. In the following months I know that Josh can play keyboards as good as her elder sister as he’s so keen on mastering his music craft. They’re so fond of instruments and accessories that I saw them browsing through digitech jamman last weekend. Gen told me that she’ll collect more when she has the money to buy her favorites.


Looking at Work in a Different Perspective

>> Friday, June 5, 2015

After long years of leaving technical proposal works in which I was given the opportunity of administering minor telecoms and doing some human resource plus administrative works in an Israeli equipment firm I was back in a company which I started counting endless hours of overtime. Well I'm now a project employee with more responsibilities of overseeing project's progress but less the stress of head-office headaches. It takes another employee of the same company to understand what I'm saying. Anyway the old ‘Me’ has matured enough to handle bigger responsibilities with better understanding and I hope best decision to arrive at productive results.

Now I'm assisting the H.O. group in finishing bidding proposals but it feels as different as it's less stressful than the old days considering that clients are very strict now with regards to guidelines and rules. Well people change and when they do it's either better or worse than ever. As for me I see things in a different perspective and I’m more focused with my goal which is the reason why I treat my job as precious as the butter on my bread. Those years away from DSI has helped me grow up and harness my abilities especially in writing when I decided to leave the office work and work at home. 

Writing online has made my dreams of being a writer come true in a way. It also taught me that there’s no stability on anything in this world but on God only. It helped me learned so many things and how to make the most of my talents to the best of my advantage. God has taken care of all those things and I can never be as grateful for all the things I learned in life.


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