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>> Saturday, December 1, 2012

In my entire years of employment in various companies one thing is the same and that’s my involvement in handling computer-related tasks. It’s not a surprise as my education is inclined in the same field. I took up computer engineering where I’ve learned hardware and software. In every company I’ve worked with my employers took advantage of my knowledge and skills in computer that I’m always assigned in EDP, MIS or in Technical department. I’m not intimidated that my colleagues are mostly male employees than female as I work comfortably with them. My studies has exposed me to get along with mixed group that I got along fairly well. 

Anyway innovations in computer has advanced tremendously that all software I’m using and dealing in my work are all learned from work experiences. I was always demanded to learn new software packages in order to cope up with the latest trends in document processing. One should be able to so with the flow of latest computer programs and software to enjoy the benefits of easier computer operations. One of my most important job is to coordinate with foreign suppliers and clients as I always send important and highly confidential files. With such importance it’s safer to transmit filed in PDF format to ensure that files will not be changed according to our counterpart needs. 

It’s actually a two-way email of files as our suppliers and clients gives us PDF files also for safety of their documents in email transit. Since PDF files can be accessed through Adobe Reader it’s now an open standard for electronic document exchange as mandated by ISO. It’s also functional as you can convert your graphics and documents into PDF format without changing the look. Now the only problem would be editing the files for some other uses like windows and slide presentations. Glad that I learned about  PDF Converter which offers innovative solutions in converting PDF text, documents, graphics, forms, tables and other layouts. 

With the use of  PDF Converter Software the problem with some PDF files will be taken care of and PDF files will soon be very flexible. Some of the things that PDF can do are: 

 - Convert native PDF to Office formats, EPUB, HTML, Text and images with great preservation.
 - Convert scanned PDF to editable Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML & Text with   OCR.
 - Convert password protected PDF
 - Convert PDF to 7 Formats
 - Advanced OCR to convert scanned PDF (For Pro)
 - Save Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Text as PDF

So if you will have a need to convert multiple PDF files you will not worry as wondershare can easily convert it in batches. Best PDF Converter is more functional and useful because presenting PDF files into whatever type of files needed is very possible. Through them sharing of files will be more convenient and presentations will be more impressive and informative. Having the right software that applies the function you need will be of great help. I’m glad there’s a converter now.


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