Best Job in Store for Him

>> Monday, October 31, 2011

DH has been in warehousing jobs for several years and I can say that he’s very good in his job although they have manual procedures in their warehouse system. It’s a tough job to handle stocks and more if you have to arrange it in a small warehouse. He has resigned from his job and studying Electronics now but still he remembers how his job has almost cost his health. His health worsened when he was given extended working hours and before it’s too late I asked him to quit his job. Health is more important than his job and I don’t want him to continue doing the things that brings hazard to his health. 

I told him that he’ll be able to get better job and working condition if he’s a degree holder. Now he’s enjoying his studies and excels in almost all his subjects. He’ll be graduating from Electronics Technology this semester and will shift to Education next year. He’s finalizing his plans to pursue degree course and I know that whatever will be his final decision it’s for a good cause. He found out last week that there’s opening for Datawarehouse Designer Jobs with a good salary package but he opt to continue with his studies than apply for a new job. He promised himself that he’ll finish what he started and he’s going to be an instructor soon. God will never forsake him and has the best job in store for him when he finished college.


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