Little Things that Makes Us Enjoy Work

>> Tuesday, September 15, 2015

There are things that make us happy in whatever field or career we take and in my own experience we should not spend all of our time on our job for us to enjoy it. I have worked so diligently and few years back I even spent 24 hours or more just to finish proposals. I also spent more than 20 hours online on my writing job and though I enjoyed every bit of my writing job I know in my heart that a person should have limits in working. It’s the free time away from working area that gives a breather and space to realize that it should not be all work as we also have to play. 

Now that I only spent one to two hours a day on my online work and only 8 hours on my office work I get to enjoy my work more because I have more focus and get to know many things. I enjoy my work because I look forward to the thought that at the end of the day I will see my kids, my husband and my whole family and enjoy the rest of the day with them. If I can help it I don’t spend more than the regular hours of work so I’ll still be early to cook for my family and listen to their day experiences. 

When I still have some extra time for myself I browse the net and search for some of my favorite musical instruments and accessories at where I and my kids bond because we both love seeing the latest instruments on the net. As they offer the country’s peso conversion it’s also easier to gauge if the price is affordable or if the goods are good deals. It’s the little happiness in our loved ones, our simple hobbies and diversions that release our stress in work and make us ready for another day of our work life.


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