Our 12th Wedding Anniversary

>> Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another year has passed and now it’s our 12th wedding anniversary. Years pass by quickly and I’m happy that we’ve reached this 12th year still very much in love. I’ve never imagined that I could fall seriously in love with a guy younger than me, but with Ed who have enough maturity to handle relationship and family all my inhibitions about marrying someone your junior was diminished.

During our 12 years of marriage he kept us in the center of God’s love standing to his position as a loving husband, responsible father and a good minister of God. In the house we looked up to each other just like friends in love ‘coz we started out as close friend in our Christian community.

Again, as every year of our lives I always thank God for his wonderful blessing to us not on the material side but on giving me and my kids a wonderful hubby and father who loves and cares for us deeply. Since it falls on a Sunday we had our little celebration at the mall near the church and had our desserts and snack at McDonalds with my sis Redge.


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