Remembering My First Week In DSI

>> Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is it I finally came to a decision to change my life, I’ll enter a new dimension in my life to leave my stable job which supported me and my family for over 15 years now and for which I’ve grown to be a different person that I myself didn’t know I am. I started as a project computer operator handling Batangas-Catanduanes Road and Bridges Projects and later chosen by the President to handle computer maintenance and to help in the making of bidding or technical proposal.

The job was new to me as my experience has only been with semi-conductor, transportation and construction industries where I practiced my electronics and computer education. It’s just one instance that I did some work for the boss and he was impressed (his words to my colleagues then) that I could do a lot of grammar revising on the curricula vitae of proposed staff. He was quoted as saying ‘my computer staff never did such a thing, they just type what was written not minding if it’s correct or not’, actually I thought at that time that he might get offended but I’m lucky that I passed his test. He asked my educational background, noted my degree and appointed me in the Technical Proposal Dept. After my first week in DSI I was given additional works. I took it as a challenge.


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