Getting the Most Value Out of Your Ecard

>> Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Communication between a business and its customers is the most vital connection for any organization. With a healthy relationship a customer will always come back to the same business even when the service is worse as they feel an emotional attachment to it. This means that every communication must be spot on to keep this connection fresh and stop it becoming strained over the course of time. Corporate ecards have risen to become the most popular way of sending greetings during the year. But they can do more than just save money and time if you taking the time to make the most of your ecard by:

Personalizing it to certain customers

When you buy corporate e-cards at there is the opportunity to personalize and design them, so they not only suit your brand, but also market more effectively to your clients. It would be waste just to send out the same ecard to thousands of contacts without taking the time to personalise it to make the marketing message more intriguing and likely to bring in more business or improve loyalty.

Promoting a new service

There is no hiding that any corporate greeting is a means to end; namely to increase a client’s spend or loyalty. The rise of the digital age and ecards has made it much easier to subtly promote a new service within a Christmas greeting through adding links to the email. This is a hassle-free way of attracting customers to check out your latest offers and services in order to push them into possibly spending more without bombarding them with calls, letters and emails.

Boosting your social media network

Lots of businesses are putting a lot of stock into their social media networking just as they did networking events in years gone by. If you are looking to build your social media profile then just like promoting a service you can instead include widgets that send them straight to your social media accounts, like Twitter and Facebook; allowing them to join your conversations on a certain topic, increase your presence and level of engagement.

Highlighting your green credentials

As well as saving plenty of money and the logistical nightmare of mailing out greeting cars, corporate ecards are also vastly easier on the environment. There is no large carbon footprint or huge paper usage, which cuts down the impact on the environment around the globe. Showcasing your commitment to cutting your carbon emissions and environmental effect within the ecard can also help win new fans and cement other relationships of businesses in the same boat.


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