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>> Thursday, September 26, 2013

I’ve been following quality sites on my Google Reader and enjoying the benefits of having it on my reader whenever I want to see updates on my favorite sites. It’s a privilege for me as I love reading beautiful and relevant articles for my own contentment. It is with sadness when I learned that Google Reader shuts down because those feeds from the sites I love will never be read by me anymore. Reading articles from my favorite sites fills my day and help me somehow in getting through the odds of life. I was following inspirational sites then and it’s really a loss for me. 

Now I realized I’ll be using RSS Feeds instead as I used to do when I was just starting on my online writing. I actually follow 6 blogs of my online friends and I get the convenience of getting the feed updates on my emails. I’m happy again to follow my favorite sites through RSS feeds where I get blog articles, news, headlines and many other relevant reads that I need and want. Those news feeds from some online news sites help a great deal also.



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