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>> Thursday, September 26, 2013

In recorded history, the first code laws for borrowing and lending were started before the 1750s BC in ancient Babylon. The code was established by King Hammurabi. Non-payment of debt received a much lighter punishment than murder or accidental death. The laws of the past paved the way for modern laws regarding investing as well as lending and borrowing that are in place today.

When it comes to the investing industry today, two types of investing are functioning. One deals with purchasing assets that have a projected eventual profit, while the other deals with economics in buying physical properties and goods. Economics and finances are big business today, and the investment industry helps to keep the global economy afloat.

Investors are the ones who helped to put corporations back together in the near-economic collapse in recent years, and individuals as well as governments provided funds for businesses large and small that helped get them back on their feet while others that were not funded and backed had to close. One example of an individual who has accomplished much in the investment industry and is known for his philanthropic endeavors is Scott Reiman. Such persons have provided the means for small and large businesses get started or boosted during tough economic times. The economy in many countries is greatly influenced by private and governmental investing.

Investing and lending is not without risk, and some risks as well as profits are higher than others. Investors generally look to the long-term outcome and plan to see a rise in gains over time. Deals are often dependent upon the right timing, and experienced investors and investment firms are skilled in watching trends and buying or selling at the right time. From such wise dealing comes a strong investment industry.

The market for investing is always expanding and growing. Still, the overall economy does greatly influence the investment industry just as investors make significant marks on the economy as a whole. This close relationship makes one dependent upon the other. Highs and lows in the industry are always felt, but wise investors closely watch the trends and utilize their experience to keep their interests secure as well as boost a lagging economy. Into the future, the market will continue to grow and expand as new investors as well as new enterprises rise to replace those that retire.


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