Ensuring the Safety of My Files at Work

>> Saturday, September 28, 2013

On my two jobs online and regular office I’m always hooked to my computer as my work demands being connected all the time. Since I’m a graduate of computer course and all my work employment for the last twenty years requires me to be on my computer always I see to it that I’m protected from malware virus and other threats on my data. Security and safety is of utmost importance to me and without it I’ll be working much harder to restore important files. 

As such I always see to it that I have an anti-virus on my laptop and desktop that I’m using at work. I may have to contact an ESET reseller if I’m not satisfied with my current one because my friend recommended it as something that I can rely to when it comes to virus protection. I will try anything that will ensure the safety of my files anytime, anywhere.


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