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>> Friday, June 4, 2010

Our church is renting a room in one of the buildings where at the ground floor lies food franchise company that offers different kinds of franchises depending on the food you want to sell. They have variety of small concession trailers for sale each with logo and design of the food you want to sell such as waffles, hotdogs, fried noodles, empanada, burgers, tacos and many others.

When I resigned from my office work I thought of getting a franchise of one food concession trailer but I opt to think and plan before venturing into a new business. I have to plan where to put the trailer, the staff that I will hire to manage and the target customers of the business. There are many things to be considered when putting up a business no matter how small it is.

Well I have browsed upon a company who takes pride in doing these crafts. Custom Concessions build high quality concession trucks made especially in the strictest quality control to easily pass the health inspection department. They have variety of floor plans and various options for the customers to choose from. They design and build trailers for kitchen, bathroom, restroom, living quarter and food trucks. Visit their site to see their photo gallery of products.


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