Reasons for Getting Stomach Fat

>> Friday, June 4, 2010

It’s a common problem for women who gave birth to have a fat tummy or big stomach. I remembered that every time I gave birth by caesarean delivery I always find it hard to have stomach weight loss because we weren’t allowed to have exercise within one to two months and if ever we’re allowed after the second month it will be just the simple warm up exercises and nothing to make the tummy smaller. For those who had a normal birth delivery it’s easier to gain back the old slender form because they were allowed to exercise sooner although I’ve seen many of them still have fat stomach also.

Anyway it’s just not because of giving birth but some habits like sitting long in your chair too long, jobs that require people to sit for hours without time to stand up, lack of regular exercise or exercises that will not lessen the fat in your tummy, laziness in moving around the house and many other habit that slowly contributes to big stomach. Well it’s not that bad if you’re married because they will just ask if you’re pregnant but with the single ladies it would embarrass them to hear those words lol!


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