Feeling Healthy with Proper Diet

>> Monday, August 17, 2009

When my resignation was approved and I was asked to at least stay for one whole month to turn over my work I felt very happy and can’t believe that after one year and 2 months my request for resignation was finally approved. I didn’t want to leave the company without the true approval of my boss, that’s actually the reason why it took me so long to realize my dream.

I planned my last one month to be my most hectic days but it’s not until I have reached my half month that I finally had the time to do it all. Bad thing about me is that if I’m overworked I eat a lot too, may be that’s my rebelling moments of my overstressed mind. I’m thinking then how to lose belly fat without enrolling in a gym class or without proper exercises. Then I thought of adopting fruit and vegetables’ diet and now I can say I’m starting to lose some pounds as weeks go by. I’m happy with my adopted diet plan as I’m feeling healthy everyday with what I’m eating.


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