Giving Me Enough Blessing

>> Thursday, November 25, 2010

I’m happy with all the blessing that I’m receiving since I quit my job and concentrate on doing online works only. My present work has given me enough income to support my family’s needs. I even coerced DH into resigning from his job because it’s giving him too much hard work and his health has suffered from it. Now he’s studying for a degree course and the last semester proved that he’s bright enough to compete with younger students. I’m just amazed at how some neighbours would ask me for a cash advance not knowing if I’m earning or not. They’re just seeing me every day with my simple clothes and I’m surprised that they assumed I have money to lend them. Are they not wondering what my job is? I didn’t announce my type of job in my community and that’s for the record, well of course only to my closest relatives and friends lol!


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