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>> Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CarI’ve always love having carpeted floors but it takes so much effort just to maintain cleanliness of carpets in the house and office especially if the place is a large area. For the everyday dust using vacuum cleaner is good enough but when it comes to dirt it’s not that effective. Carpets should be cleaned thoroughly if it has heavy dirt. Sometimes carpet undergone water damages like the one we had in my former office building. The water tank at the fifth floor overflowed and it affected the next floor to it where a call center is in operation. The carpets were soaked and cables were affected too. 

The utility man who made an error with the water tank tried so hard to restore the carpet to its original condition and I’m thinking now that it should be cleaned by an expert like carpet cleaning Portland who will be able to restore damaged carpet. They have certified team who will clean and restore it with expertise and fast operation. They’re the expert in their field and for several years they’ve been doing this kind of cleaning and repairing work that extends to restretching carpet, upholstery, oriental rugs, tiles and others.


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