Opportunities after Corporate Employment

>> Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I’ve experienced working in various corporate offices for nearly two decades where I had different kinds of job. In all my jobs I learned lots of things which made me stronger, skilled, knowledgeable and more matured in my decisions and work approach. I also learned that it can’t give me the assurance of better life even if I spent more than 8 hours of work. I’ve dedicated my energy and knowledge on all of the jobs I had but it never gave me financial freedom to support my family’s needs beyond the basic essentials. After spending 16 years in my past employment I realized that working in office employment on the supervisory positions will not help me fulfil my dreams for my kids.

I thanked God for giving me stable job for several years and for helping me to decide whether to stay or quit. He guided me into learning ways on how I can be at my family’s beck and call while earning money for their needs. It’s such a blessing to work at home. Now I’m saving some of my earnings to plan for future investment on gold bar, some other precious metals, maybe house and lot, a small business and many other stable investment for financial backup when my work is not that at its peak. I want to invest on bankable kinds or the one which will give a sure high profit return on my capital. It’s still early for me but I’m going to need some information about it.


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