Effects of Drinking While at Work and Driving

>> Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I’ve always observed traffic and road rules since I’m old enough to be aware of that. I don’t like breaking the rules because I feel that doing it can affect others. It always feels good when you’re on the right track always. I’m not the perfect citizen but I try to be a good one. I carried the same principle in my work practicing the same following office procedures and rules and being honest all the times. That’s why I believe in observing rules like avoiding playing on office hours, implementing strict confidentiality on personal documents of my employers and many other things. In my 19 years of working in corporate employment the only thing that I’m not that good is my punctuality due to excessive traffic jam in our place.

When I think of all these things I can associate that being drunk on office hours is like driving while intoxicated also so it’s easy to understand how hard the case is. When you’re working and you’re drunk you can get an accident in work or your work will not be done perfectly. Just like when you’re on the road, if you drink before or while you’re driving it could lead to road accidents that can harm not only you but other people as well. This is a serious crime for me as the driver is putting many lives at risk. In Texas this offense is meted with stiff penalty like $2000 fines, up to 1 year stay in jail, community service and many others. Well if you didn’t do such crime and you’re only accused falsely you can get help from Houston DWI lawyers which provides legal help services to those charged of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) case. With their expertise and professional experience in defense lawsuit they can get you out of jail and you can get fair justice.


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