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>> Thursday, November 5, 2009

It’s still another month and few more weeks before our camp meeting and as early as now I can feel the excitement of our four-day camp meeting in Villa Dominga. We had a final meeting last Sunday and we summarized all needed things to bring and to prepare for. It’s the longest camp meeting ever as we’ve only spent three days on our previous fellowships on camps. It’s also a test of endurance for us to sleep on tents for four days, to plan for our four-day meals, to prepare messages, to be able to list activities for youth and children that will last for four days and many other things. This camp will be the longest and hopefully the most fulfilling one.

We’re fixing our car now for this camp meeting but we’re having arrangement with our church mates in case the car will not be good for long travel. Yes we’re having long travel on our fellowship so we better have good assessment of the car that we’re going to use. Long travels should be carefully planned for so you’ll have a safe and enjoyable trip all throughout the journey. Of course an experienced driver and a well maintained vehicle is the key to that like that of the service of New York Bus Charter which caters to those who want to have the best sights and sounds of New York City.

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