Choosing House Appliances After the Storm

>> Monday, November 2, 2009

After the recent storms that devastated the whole country we were very selective in buying appliances and things needed in the house. Because of the flood that wrecked houses and disabled house items and appliances we now have different guidelines in buying new tables, cabinets and other house accessories. Now we’ve chosen to buy simple appliances and not the traditional bulky and heavy wood appliances that you can never carry during emergency.

For the cabinets the usual trend here in our place is buying durabox, sturdy plastic cabinets that are very light in weight but very dependable when it comes to storing things and clothes. Who would have thought that these plastics would boom as high in the market as now? When I bought one of those plastic cabinets I have to wait for the stock to deliver and had to call the store just to reserve one for me. They’re very in demand nowadays.

But for the entertainment appliances like components and television it’s still good to buy nice plasma mounts for your flat TV or LCD because you can put it in the wall or wherever you want. I think it’s safer in the wall if you must ask me.


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