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>> Monday, April 27, 2009

When I was in college I’ve had difficulty in finding some textbooks for my major subjects in computer. I was taking up Computer Engineering and most of our textbooks then in computer architecture and design were hard to find in local bookstores. Sometimes I had half of the computer design book photocopied just to have my own copy. Now I saw online some sites offering college subject textbook search for those who want to search, compare and order/shop online for their needed books in their course of study.

Really technology has brought so much convenience and comfort even in searching books for our college education. Now you can compare, find and choose your specific required textbook in the comfort of your home, no need to walk through malls and bookstores just to find your needed books. It will help me a lot also as I have three kids who are studying now and when they reached college I will just browse online for their textbooks and I can shop online too. This is really good for mothers like me.


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