Thinking of Business on Musical Instruments

>> Monday, June 24, 2013

Though I want to just stay at home and be content with my online work I really must find some extra work in the real world for stability of income. My earnings is good enough if I have a small business to tender but I’m still thinking of feasible field of business that will give me good source of income to add to my present one. I was actually thinking of having a business which compliments my hobbies like cooking, reading and music and with these I should start with a bakeshop, bookstore or selling musical instruments. 

I’ve always loved dropping by music store to update me of the prices of guitars, keyboard and other musical instruments that I love to play with my kids who are also fond of learning those instruments. But sometimes I find some too expensive for my budget that I often wish that I buy used musical instruments at WWBW for me to be able to enjoy quality instruments without spending more than my budget. Now I’m thinking if I can have a business of buying and selling musical instruments. This one will not only bring me excitement on handling various instruments but will give me extra source of income if ever. I’ll have to think about this.


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