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>> Saturday, June 22, 2013

Many colleagues of mine who worked for two decades already have chosen to put up their own business for reasons of maximizing their earning opportunities while they’re still able to manage it. They don’t want to start in their senior years because that would mean working hard at an old age. Some have set their eyes on food industry while others on internet cafe business. They find these two businesses more lucrative than other business. The one who resorted to internet cafĂ© has added printing and scanning documents as part of their offers to fully give complete services to customers. 

Well I have seen lots of them succeed in their own chosen business and remember the one I saw online which offers printing business cards at That’s a good line of business where you can also add brochures, business portfolio, letterheads and a lot more requirements for printing. It will cater to companies, school and individuals who have specific printing needs.


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