The Hot Jobs To Look Out For In 2013

>> Thursday, June 20, 2013

IT Systems Analysts
IT systems are becoming increasingly important in all types of business and it appears that this trend will only continue in the future. As a field in which it is easy to specialize, there are a variety of options available to anyone qualified, with compensation and benefits reflecting the difficulty of the job at the higher end of the spectrum. A career in which you can sure to be in demand, this is a job with great scope for progression.
Accountants should have a great year in 2013, benefiting from an economic climate in which businesses and individuals are making sure their books are in order and always looking for help to spot those opportunities to increase efficiency . Though a great deal of graduates will be looking to enter the profession, anyone that can get their foot in the door can expect a job in which they are given a large amount of work and a number of opportunities to prove themselves.
Market Researcher
Though the economy is still in a difficult place, and there is a lot of room for improvement, it does show signs of recovery and experts are feeling more confident in its growth. This is reflected in the expectancy that budgets for marketing departments will rise amongst many businesses this year, bringing new talent in and providing them with a greater amount of money to work with. However, you can be sure that this budget will have to be spent wisely, and market researchers will play a large role in ensuring that companies are relating to their clients, and the wider population, in the right way.

Human Resources Specialists
Many companies will still not be able to begin recruitment campaigns and, consequently, will be looking for ways to get the most out of their work force. This is where human resources specialists step in and become an important part of the office environment. The role will focus largely on the training and development of existing workforces. Human resources specialists will find themselves in great demand throughout 2013, as long as they can prove themselves on the job.

Software Developer
As mentioned above, computer systems are becoming ever more pervasive in all aspects of life, whether it is at work, home or in public. The demand for those with the ability to develop software has grown to reflect this change and anyone with the right qualifications and experience should find it easy to get their foot in the door. Whether it is software development for mobile devices, home computers or businesses, a creative mind coupled with good problem-solving skills should result in successful job applications.


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