Going Back to My New Old Work

>> Thursday, June 20, 2013

I’m getting ready for a new job tomorrow after being a work at home Mom for almost 2 months. I resigned from my Makati corporate job last month because I decided to concentrate on online writing but the online opportunities suddenly reached its low peak so I started looking for part time job. When I l called my former office friends in my longest job tenure I was convinced to go back and tried doing my former work in Technical Proposal again. That’s my assigned work and department when I was still single up to the time that I’m pregnant with my third child ten years ago. 

I was transferred to a Telecoms marketing company by the same boss and worked for six years more before the blogging earning mania caught me up. I worked at home for two years before I was asked by a former office friend to help in the startup of her new company with foreign capitalist. Things got better for my career until I realized I wasn’t cut out for the position related to logistics and I didn’t want to do it anyway. Shipping and dealing with customs is not my cup of tea and I feel like I’m always crossing a delicate line so I finished all work related to our transfer to the busiest district in the country and I resigned. 

Since I’m earning online with my 8 sites I thought of investing on stocks or buying gold bars to add to my online income but I figured out that it’s not for me yet. So what’s left to me is to find a part-time job that would give me just additional earnings to my online work but my plan is not God’s plan for me. As always He knows better than I do and this time He gave me full time job and brought me back to my longest tenure ever. It’s like going back to my old sweet memories of my job which I was employed 20 years ago. I worked for 16 years there and now I’m going back again. Maybe that’s where I would retire also for the second time.


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