When Your Work is Not Exciting Anymore

>> Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Being in the same work everyday with routine works is such a not-so nice thing for me because it will not exercise your brain anymore with works that repeats everyday. When I was assigned in our sister company’s Accounting Dept. 7 years ago without any knowledge on it gave me excitement because I’m seeing myself learning different field of study from my computer engineering course. When I had the job for three years it dawned on me that I’m not getting any wiser and smarter because the works I’m doing were just routine works.

That’s when I started to seek for more and it ended in my resignation and concentrate on freelance writing which is more exciting for me or should I say I love doing. It also opened up better earning opportunities for me that investing on gold coins or some other valuable things seem possible now except that it really costs high. Anyway investing is a long process of thinking, planning and decision making so I’m leaving it up on hubby to decide what kind we would most likely to have in the next few months.


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