Health Risks on Diabetes Medicine

>> Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Suddenly I feel that I’m missing my friends in DSI especially Kelyn and Myrns, both working abroad now. Anyway Kelyn has her own architectural firm now and she’s flying to various Asian countries to supervise contract projects on those places. I remember several years ago when she subjected herself to a complete medical examination and laboratories just to check and to know if she has diabetic blood. One of her parents has diabetes and it dawned on her that she or her siblings might have or might develop the disease. She has undergone a diet devoid of sugar and calories which balanced her weight and sugar level. It was one of the strictest diets I’ve known and I can say that it works fast and it’s perfectly healthy.

She has not developed diabetes over the years and I’m really glad about it as she told me that she doesn’t want to take oral medicine just in case she has it. She prefers herbal medicine as for her it’s much safer because she learned few days ago that people taking Actos, an oral diabetes medicine can develop serious injuries in the cardiovascular and bladder areas. It was found out in the recent studies that it can cause heart attacks, heart failures and bladder tumors thus the emergence of Actos lawsuit which can help affected people get their products liability claim. At O'Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath they know that you can be a victim if you have taken the medicine and if you’re one of them they’re capable of helping you win the case as they have professional expertise and knowledge on injury and other kinds of cases.


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