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>> Friday, August 19, 2011

If there's one thing that would keep me completely rested and refreshed that would be an 8-hour night sleep without disturbance. When I was working for a consultancy company I together with the technical group were required to work on the technical proposal for straight 72 hours without complete sleep at night, an hour or two would be enough to keep us going. If we will rest for long hours we will not be able to finish the proposal in time for submission date. My employer would always give us several meals a day to keep us nourished but sleeping for several hours would really delay our job. This happens only on few days before submission and because it's the nature of the job of our technical proposal group we got accustomed to it although it's bad for my low blood pressure at that time.

They would always hear me saying that when we finish our proposals I would really rest in luxury bedding and get long hours of sleep. I was at this kind of job for ten years before my boss transferred me to his new telecommunications company. It was a relief to finally leave the job as it brings too much stress on me. The preparation of proposals is really time consuming and produce lots of pressure that's why we were chosen as a group so we'll be the one who will always do the job because we're experts on meeting the quality of the proposals and of budgeting the time allocated to do it. Having this kind of job forced me to really improve my bedding accessories as I always need a comforting slumber all the time especially after a week of work on the proposal.

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