Good Ambiance of My Workplace

>> Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What I like about the place of my work is the good ambiance of the building. Just before you enter the building you’ll see the beautiful huge fountain fronting the area where the east and west tower divides. It’s more enjoyable to see at night because the changing of colors is very enchanting. It’s not allowed to take pictures of the fountain and the guards are very watchful that’s why I never had a chance to get a beautiful capture of it except for the shots I have in my mobile phone cam when I was just new there when I didn’t know that it’s not permissible to take pictures. 

That’s the entrance only and when you enter the lounge area you’ll see the beautiful expanse patterns of flooring. The building is not new but it’s well kept and maintained so the beauty still remains after 10 years. I believe that the flooring of a certain place or building depends not only on the structure but on the interior design as well. This includes the elegant decor and paintings, the ceiling and the lights they put on it, the interior wall which creates a good impression and the elegant flooring which accentuates the beauty of the place. 

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