Looking Your Best While Working

>> Saturday, December 29, 2012

As I’m working regularly in an office and doing part time work blogging online I’ve noted some differences on my two different works. At home you don’t need to dress up to work as you’re in the comforts of your home and no one expects you to be in corporate clothing. In office job you need to dress up in reporting for work as companies have dress codes and it feels good when you’re dressed up well. I see to it that I’m not under dressed just in case that a meeting is needed. I was trained not to dress up so casually or in rugged clothes because I get to meet big bosses from major telecommunications company. 

One big lesson I learned when you’re a company officer is that you should expect sudden corporate meetings that will put you on an inconvenient situation if you’re not confident about the clothes that you wear. It’s just the same as when you’re working at health care institution or a hospital. You still need to look stylish even when you’re working and it’s good to know that there’s cheap dickies nursing scrubs that will make you look fashionable while at your busiest moment at work. When you feel confident about your look and your sense of fashion it will radiate in yourself and will affect your work. You’ll be inspired to work knowing that even at your tough times you still look your best.


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