Getting a Job He Loves Doing

>> Monday, December 10, 2012

Sometimes you’ll have your lucky day when you least expect it and this happened to my friend who for so many months has been waiting for job calls from his previous applications. He’s beginning to lose hope that he considers advertising musical instruments and accessories like mackie family of products to earn something. Someone has asked him to help him out in his new business of musical instrument marketing that he thought of accepting until he gets a regular job. 

Well it’s not his forte and don’t have work experience for it but he loves playing musical instruments that his new job seems not really tasking but exciting for him. When his boss learned about his flair for playing musical instruments he was hired permanently and was given a job where he would indulge prospective clients into hearing sample music playing. His job not only gave him a steady and regular income but gives him fulfillment in playing instruments again. Work blessing indeed.


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