Portable Cup Holder at Work

>> Friday, November 2, 2012

Source: thinkgeek.com via Race on Pinterest

Just what I need when I'm working so hard on my office and online tasks- a drink lip portable cup holder to hold my coffee while I'm working.  It's a relaxing way for me to drink coffee while I'm making an article because it helps me to think and come up with creative ideas.  If others get so nervous with the effect of caffeine on their bodies well on me it's the opposite because drinking coffee relaxes my senses and brings out the creative writer in me.  

Now when I'm working I don't want a messy table because I believe that a messy table harmonize a messy mind so this portable cup holder would be such a great help to me when I want my cup of coffee.  I'm always in front of the computer in my office work and online work in my house as well.  And when I'm busy I can't leave my table just to drink my coffee so this is just so convenient and very comfortable for my way of life.  I know that a lot of work-at-home Moms and office employees would agree.


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