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>> Thursday, November 22, 2012

As my work demands knowledge in various computer softwares I always have to update myself into learning new or updated version of what I’m using. I have to be always online because communication between colleagues, clients and suppliers are made through emails. In my everyday work I appreciate that there are computer softwares that makes sharing of files possible without the fear of the recipient changing the file. In my work it’s of vital importance that original files should be protected from anyone who will try to change some information on my confidential files. 

When I send and receive emails especially when it’s coming from our suppliers in Israel and other Asian countries it’s usually in the form of Portable Document Format or PDF which I can access through Adobe Reader. It’s now an open standard for electronic document exchange as per ISO and users can easily convert their graphics, documents, forms and web pages to portable document format without changing the look of the documents or graphics when printed. It’s also easy to share because any one can read it through Adobe Reader software which is easily downloadable if you don;t have it. 
Thus PDF is reliable and very functional but in my work where we need to present demo in slide shows I find the need to Convert PDF to PowerPoint for presentation purposes. I’m glad to learn that it’s possible through Wondershare PDF to Powerpoint Converter which converts PDF text, documents, graphics, tables and layout to PPT slides easily and free from errors retaining the original quality of the files. This is very important as it would create hassle in demos if we will not be able to come up with the quality graphics needed to present to clients. 

 Using Wondershare PDF to PowerPoint Converter would be able to solve certain problems with the requirements of using PDF files to other software which is not possible before. It will be more flexible for other usage concerning PDF files. When it comes to maximizing processing of conversion this converter can convert batches of PDF files into Powerpoint so users can benefit from it in terms of time savings which is very important when you have deadlines. 

With the use of PDF to PowerPoint converter users can now do anything they want when they have the need to present portable document format files into whatever they want. There will be no restrictions into sharing files and information as converter would solve the need for using all needed files for slide show demos or presentation.


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