Reliving my Sports Activities

>> Monday, February 21, 2011

I love sports since I was a primary schooler and up to when I was working. I joined volleyball team when I was employed in one of the bureaus in government. Then I switched to bowling when I can’t find the time to look for players who would play with me. Bowling is easier because you don’t have to form a group. It was actually initiated by my employer who created a friendly game competition for all his main office and project employees.

It was one of the best years for me there because he really cared for his employees to enjoy playing bowling, get to know co-employees who were assigned in different places, make friends and maybe solve the problem of his fat employees. I was single then and very slim so the only thing I want then is to practice my bowling skills. When being asked by some of my office friends how to lose belly fat fast I told them to indulge in sports and they’ll get what they want.


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