No Electricity and No Connection

>> Thursday, October 8, 2009

There was a great blast of transformer located in Taytay plant that happened last night which partly paralyzed most Metro Manila and nearby towns' electricity. We were lucky to get electricity after every 4 hours but didn't managed to post entries because SmartBro, my broadband internet suffered failure again on some areas including ours. I went to my brother's house to submit my tasks but unfortunately his connection is intermittent until we lost electricity again. I was desperately trying to look for a combination of power and internet and finally was able to get a good one in one of the internet cafe next town to us. Sorry for my ec droppers and visitors because I was not able to return the visits. I rented a PC for just about one hour because I can't leave my kids at home without electricity. Will just visit you when things normalize again. Good day!


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