No Car for Now!

>> Monday, October 5, 2009

It's more than a week since the flood but until now we're cleaning our car and scheduling it for checkup to our mechanic. Hubby is learning how to deal with it studying the process that we'll have to do with the car which was submerged with flood waters almost reaching the top. He has already drained the oil which was penetrated with water.

The cleaning of the car’s carpet will have to wait now because hubby has already reported for work yesterday. He’s thinking that his paper works might swallow him if he stayed in the house for another week. I can’t make him rest for few days more. Actually when he sees our car in its present situation he can’t rest as he’s anticipating bigger funds for it to return to normal operation. I just don’t know how long we have to hire a cab in going to church every Sunday.

Picture was taken the day after the big flood, the water has partly subsided here around 2 ft.


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