The Blessing of Online Earnings

>> Monday, August 27, 2012

I had a great time working here at home just like when I resigned from work and concentrated on my online writing job. Online work and jobs has its perks and drawbacks. I’ve experienced getting a lot from it two years ago that I thought the high peak earnings would go on for years. It was such an ideal work as I don’t have to go out and travel for work. I can work in the comfort and convenience of my work and still attend to the needs of my family anytime.

But when it reached the low peak season which continued for more than a year I realized it’s not stable enough so I decided to grab the offer to work in my friend’s company. As good as it was the work offers started to lessen and some of the companies that give enough tasks to suffice our earnings became delinquent with payments. 

Nevertheless I didn't put my spirits down and continued my online writing job. Together with my regular office work I devoted time on both hoping the blessings will return again even if it almost took some of my sleeping hours, sacrificing a lot of my time for myself. Today is just a holiday that I was able to blog at home and get to finish my due tasks. Well it seems my sacrifices for keeping up with it is paying now as I think the blessing is returning.the blessing of online earnings.


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