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>> Monday, August 27, 2012

Transferring to another location permanently or for some definite time only is both tasking as you have to do many things. Well it depends on the place you’re transferring to or how far the travel would be but just the same moving is one big task that some people didn’t want to do. I’ve experienced moving from my Mom’s provincial hometown to our new house built on my Dad’s town but at my very young age of 7 my concern is purely on the friends and relatives I will surely miss especially my Grand mom who wouldn’t want to leave the province to come with us. I was so sad and at first can’t understand why we have to move but time has taught me the reasons for moving.

My father works in his hometown as public servant then and he come home to our province on midweek and weekends to be with us. It was hard for him to be away from us on days that he’s in his work so he asked Mom if we can stay for good in his hometown instead. Well that’s several years back more than 3 decades but still very clear in my memory and every time I came to see family moving to some location I wish that they’ll be happy to wherever they will be moving. 

Aside from the emotional part of moving the big task lies in the packing and unpacking of documents, clothes and other things that needed to be transferred. It will also include shipping or moving furniture and other big appliances that cannot be packed similarly with the documents. Some moving truck or moving companies don’t accept small moves but with Ship Smart  there are no small or big moves. They accept Domestic small moves, international shipments, custom packing and shipping solutions.

Their services also include shipping for not so easy equipment and furniture like computer and server, antique decors, home furniture, electronics, artwork and a lot more things that requires careful moving and shipping. So for all your big and small moves  requirements don’t hesitate to get a moving quote online and start planning your moving. Don’t stress yourself with the entire task and begin looking forward to your move.


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