Being A WAHM

>> Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It’s hard to start working on an afternoon schedule. As I’ve worked for several years with mostly morning schedule I feel lazy working after lunch. It’s really easier and I’m more energetic starting at dawn which I’ve tried for two weeks now since I left my office employment. I’m beginning to feel the pressure of what I supposed every working Mom seems to have and that’s proper scheduling of household chores, the usual grocering and marketing, visits to kids’ school, attending school activities, banks, some community works etc. with balance on how you can also do your online tasks.

Hubby takes care of the bills as he’s working inside shopping mall where everything is there. I think it’s easier if I have a helper to do half of these jobs but I prefer (as of now) to really try it myself and see how tough I am lol! Let’s see how long I can handle being a Super Mom hahaha! Forever… I wish!


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