Renovation Plans Again

>> Saturday, June 19, 2010

It’s payday again and I’m thinking of some things to buy for my hard-earned money. I’m finished with school expenses except for the few little things the school require like the white rubber shoes that were announced on their orientation. I’ve already bought Josh a new pair last summer but the required color was only announced yesterday. Anyway that’s fine because Josh can still use it on other activities outside school. Well I don’t think I can afford an HDTV right now though I’m wishing for one but I think I’ll just save my money for my master bedroom’s project next month.

Renovation is still my priority these days and this is my project no. 3 since I started late last year. I’ve started with bathroom renovation which cost me a lot of money and followed by fence and wall project. Hope I can save enough to make this new project what I planned it to be. I’m so excited and looking forward to finish it in few days only.


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