Early Retirement

>> Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When I was still working I wanted to save money so when I reached forty I will be able to retire early and start up a business of my choice. It did materialize that when I reached forty I resigned from my job and planned on putting up a business. But I wasn’t able to save enough money for the business that I want instead I maintained four blog sites which I used to write paid ads and gave me enough earnings to help my husband in our family finances. I had some separation pay of course but I opt to keep some of it as savings for future needs. I also don’t have the time to manage my business because I prioritized adding sites for more income.

Now I’m thinking of working up a plan of investment that will not cost me time and effort to maintain. My friends wanted to buy gold coins to make a sure investment of their hard-earned money because they’re very positive about the returns of their capital in the coming years. They told me about it but for me things like that should need careful planning because it involves a great amount of money. Investment is a good way of making your money grow so whatever it is you’re planning about just make sure that it’s a tangible one.


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