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>> Saturday, September 4, 2010

When I met up with my friends last week of August we were laughing at ourselves when we couldn’t make up our minds which seafood restaurant will we spend our mini reunion. One of our friends wanted a place where there are videoke because she loves to sing while we eat. Our chosen resto had nothing of that request but we decided to stay there because the restaurant was known for its delectable seafood cuisine. As we were shopping for seafoods I heard the market staff talking about lady gaga concert tickets and how they would want to have them. One of the staff suddenly stopped when she saw us and immediately turned on her persuasive mood of getting our attention to buy on their stall. Wow the price of the seafoods is very high. My friends who know about seafood and their prices kept on bargaining to lower down their price. My friend whispered to me that the prices are double the real price but we didn’t have much choice then so we just go on through cooking.


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